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The Story:

Before the Kolossus Brand took hold as a multiplatform, it all started with a recording label.

Kolossus Records was founded on December 21st, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, and since then, the label, Kolossus Records has been an essential platform for many artists and audiences over the years.

From the likes of Mikkoh (Independent – ATL), DEFFIE (Film Noir – LA), R.O.M. (Soulection – LONDON), Neguim Beats (Darker Than Wax Records – SINGAPORE + BRAZIL), Rilla Force (Independent – BOSTON), Yaeji (Independent – NY) and more – we have been a gateway for musicians, DJs, and listeners around the world to connect. Over the years we have acquired support of over 100+ international radio shows and stations collectively throughout the world, praise from some amazing online magazines, blogs, labels, and well respected musicians throughout the music community such as: Soulection Radio on BEATS1 Apple Music, First Ear Radio, Boi-1da.net, Future Beats Radio, AB+L Radio, Thump + Vice (Brazil), Fader, Hypebeast, Mighty Burners, Underground Jungle, Artistic Manifesto, Smoothie Tunes, and more. Even companies like Adidas and Samsung (Austria) has requested content from our catalog for promotional use.

Truly humbling.

From that alone, seeing how much we supported musicians through releases, we went on to create Kolossus Radio in 2014 to give artists an even greater platform to be heard in the cities their music may or may not have touched yet. A radio platform catering to the sounds of underground artists in the Future Beats, Future R&B, Hip-Hop (Old School & Modern), Old School R&B and additional communities. Since its inception the program has been hosted on AB+L Radio of Atlanta, Georgia and in 2014 – 2015 on WRCT 88.3 FM in Pittsburg, Philadelphia.

We have had guests like DrewsThatDude (HW&W Recordings), Tulpa (Atlantic Records), Rilla Force (Zen Supremacy) and more. Even though the program is not running at the moment, we plan to make a huge return with Kolossus Radio in 2016!

With success the Kolossus Brand has had over the years, Kolossus Kulture looks to be more than just the label and radio show. Our goals include: Being an official Publisher of Art and Music; Curating Music Events and one day, Festivals; Hosting Art galleries in a creative way that allows for attendees to experience art that uses all of the five senses; Hosting community service events and fundraisers; Distributing and Publishing the Kolossus Kulture Magazine that highlights artists of all forms who are specifically making an impact in their communities through their art; And finally being at the forefront of giving artists in the realm of Animation, Architecture, Dancing, Digital Art, Music Curation, Fashion, Film, Gastronomy, Jewelry Design, Beauty, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Poetry, Sculpting, and Writing a spotlight.

MISSION STATEMENT: Kolossus Kulture serves the countless cultures that represent free thinking individuals. We are here to enhance, enlighten, and empower the artistic leaders around us; Give light to significant pieces of the modern world; And move, craft, and mold the hearts & minds of communities worldwide. Welcome to The Kolossus Kulture.

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