Sydney Jane Brings Innocence, Alive

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The streets are coated in the fall of the night and hour old rain glimmered in the dimly lit city streets. As you walk amongst the neon gas station lights your ears latch on to a captivating voice emitting from one of three nearby venues. The first one is a jazz club with a soulstresses’ voice dancing around the swing of a saxophone. The second is a speakeasy with an electric aura from which you overhear a grown woman serenading an atmospheric composition that resembles R&B. Lastly, a tightly packed dance club exerting a bass that shakes the floor of the surrounding blocks, an angelic voice floats above. Amazingly, each of these venues represents the power of Sydney Jane’s talent which truly shines on her latest EP, “Innocent, Alive.”

With Sounds By COOP in conjunction with Top Sound Only, Sydney brings together four captivating, atmospheric and lavish songs innocently alive with style. Style so strong that she touches on numerous genres and international rhythms in the process.

Front and center are bright, radiant, and powerful tones alongside Sydney’s genius which shines through a masterpiece we can only describe as liberating and enchanting.

This self-published release can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Soundcloud & don’t forget to keep up with Sydney on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also find Sydney’s strong performance of her track “Knots” in our Kolossus Records: Summer Selects Playlist of 2017. An inspiring selection of music from the Spring and Summer of 2017, curated by the Official Kolossus Kulture & Kolossus Records clique.

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