Beauty In Bad Habits

We all long to live carefree.  Just imagine, on Mondays you’re shopping in Paris, Wednesdays you have lunch under the beautiful Marrakech sun, and Fridays you find yourself in Egypt atop a camel watching the Pyramids of Giza throw a spectacular light show. Well, in 19-year-old UK singer Lu’s latest single, “Bad Habits,” she transports us into a world free of all stress and obligations and money to blow.

“This track is very much about me embracing my youth but also being realistic with expectations in everyday experiences. The irony in the hook basically is a result of me being very observant of what’s going on around me – where people are basically fronting and acting like money grows on trees so blowing it is the norm, when in fact there’s a reality in play that dictates how you actually need the money to live.”

Lu has been a part of the Kolossus Records family since 16 years-old, and it is for this very reason: her fluid and soul shivering vocals transcend that of a teenage girl and embody the lyrical persona of a modern woman.

Citing herself an “Uber Hoe,” Lu does not just touch on her wishful lifestyle, but she also references the common responsibilities one must face when you live with your parents and how often they can snap one back to reality.  With the unique and enchanting production coming from multi-instrumentalist, Gabriel, “Bad Habits” is and should be, the anthem for your next Uber ride to the club.

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You can snag Lu’s latest single on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Soundcloud, but don’t forget to follow Lu on, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also find Lu’s single in our Kolossus Records: August Selects Playlist of 2017: A collection of captivating sounds that have either been released or will be released for the month of August 2017. Playlist Art Photographer: Toyin Audifferen

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“There’s another side to “Bad Habits” where I’ve definitely fronted that I have this boujee lifestyle, but in fact, it is just a couple friends acting like queens in the back of an Uber, but hey it is all fun.”

Bad Habits Single Cover

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