Short Film Visions For A Long Term Goal

Everyone knows about Nike, Adidas, Beats By Dre and Converse (If not, you may want to come out of that cave Fam, it is #2017). When it comes to phenomenal ad campaigns, these mega-brands know how to level up each time, and it is all thanks to their top-notch creative teams. With attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, brands are now taking their time to assemble gripping content with more convincing messages like the new Adidas and Hypebeast collaborative Short Film series, featuring Chelsea Football (Soccer) Club player, Lew Baker.

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We connect more with these short films because they tell very compelling stories. And, unlike the last minute presentation you gave your senior year of college, these well-directed cinematics show characters in action; the heroine at war, men as beasts.

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It is important to know that these creative pieces do not just come from a single room or a single source. Much thought goes into how well each scene will connect with the audience, so it only makes sense that these brands would look toward an award winning director like Salim Adam.

Salim Adam

When you take a glance at his work, a sense of wonder, heightened inspiration and nostalgia can develop and with good reason. Salim Adam is a Short Film Director, Motion Graphics and Visual Graphics Designer who has also worked with culture defining favorites such as Converse, Google (Android), 424 on Fairfax, Chloe, and artists Mura Masa and Iron Maiden. To them, he is more than just an ace in their back pockets.

Salim Adam By @VickyGrout (3)

Mura Masa’s “What If I Go” music video has a talented long list of production credits, however, when watching the powerful depiction of couples in their natural beauty, Salim’s personal touch is within the 3D Motion Graphics. His delivery of the motion graphics plays a strong role in the raw reality of the couples’ engagements during the drops in the song. Through the style of editing, Salim puts a nonexistent memory in your mind then tugs at it to relay a sense of recollection he wants you to feel. However, don’t let that fool you. Salim also possesses the ability to excite.

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Salim With Highsnobiety | Nike Lunar Charge

When Salim Directed a short film for the Nike Lunar Charge Trainer in collaboration with Highsnobiety, he complimented the hype surrounding the new product by adding visual bursts of color that surged through like the voltage and electrode mixture in neon lights.

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Salim Adam By @VickyGrout (2)

Whether you are a P.E Teacher or Fashion Enthusiast, it is clear that Salim Adam is here to fuel the hunger within you to get up and get moving on the things that add color to your life.

If you’re looking to be inspired, connect with Salim on Instagram & Vimeo

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