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To celebrate our new direction, we’re bringing you some Dynamite from the man, @28thwashere. This is a flip of the 2002 release from Ms.Dynamite. (Since it’s a remix, there is no download link.)

28TH is a Future Beats, Trap, R&B, and Jazz influenced artist out of London. He’s been a part of the Kolossus team for 3 years now, and his production has been fascinating to watch grow. Collaborating with artists like @luchanashaw, @trgdymusic, @fivefilo, and more, 28TH keeps diversity in close reach by connecting and collaborating with artists who hold not only the same passion and love for music and art as he does, but the selflessness to give back to those he’s grown with.

With TWO LPs scheduled to come from 28TH this year (2017), it’s best to follow him and not miss out on the anymore heat.



Band :
Title : Dynamite
Release Date : May 4, 2017
Label :
Format : Digital Download